5 Size Stainless Steel Tea Infuser Sphere Locking Spice Tea Ball Strainer Mesh Infuser Tea Filter Strainers Kitchen Accessories

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Material: stainless steel

Ideal for hot or cold tea

Filter tea, coffee, hot brine ingredients and soup

Use it in kettle, pots, cups,etc

Easily brew the most flavorful Tea

Sturdy clamp holds ball together and keeps tea or spices secure

Ideal forspices or loose leaf tea

Features a chain to suspend into hot beverages 
Diameter:4.5cm/5.5cm/7cm/9cm/11cm. approx 

Package Included:

1 x Mesh Tea Ball Infuser
NOTE: Because the filter of the tea strainer is hollow, it may cause deformation during transportation. We guarantee that the product can be used normally after simple repair, Hope you can understand.

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