3D Pen Kids DIY Printer Pen Children Drawing Pens With LCD Screen PLA Filament 1.75mm Printing Birthday Christmas Gift For Kids

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if you need extra PLA Filament and other accessory,please click following photo to order it,thanks!

How to use it?

1,please choose a 2A/5V adapter to connect pen charger(2A/5V is necessary)

2,choose "PLA" mode,then press the "UP" button to heat up.

3,press the button around the screen to adjust temperature.

4,heat up the pen until light green.

5,put on the PLA filament into pen.

6,if not use,please take off the filament and leave the pen alone.

How to choose filament?

Holiday gifts for children on Children's Day and Christmas--(3D printing pen)

Feature 1: The second generation pen adds an LED display, which can adjust the temperature anytime and anywhere, which is convenient and fast;
Feature 2: The second generation pen can use ABS\\\\PLA consumables, PLA is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, healthy and environmentally friendly;
Feature 3: 2 ghost pen colors are more refreshing and cute, designed for children;
Feature 4: 2nd generation pen technology is more mature, performance is more stable, safe and stable;
It is a magic pen to make dreams become reality

3D printing pen specifications

1. Printing range: unlimited
2. Spinning speed: adjustable
3. Printing consumables: PLA 1.75mm material
4. Heating temperature: within the range of 180-220 degrees
5. Equipment working voltage: 5V2A
6. Direct nozzle: 0.7mm
7. Product material: plastic shell
11. Set configuration: 3D printing pen, consumables, base, manual, adapter, color box

Please note that The color of the finger cot is random.

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